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Serving the Peace Region of Alberta, Shantara Dive Services continues the tradition of scuba diving training right here in Grande Prairie!

Locally owned and operated, Shantara Dive Services offers PADI training for those looking to start their underwater adventure and for those looking to further their PADI education. Shantara has everything for your scuba diving needs both for sale and for rent. Bubble watchers and snorkelers are always welcome too! Learn more about Our Courses and Services below.

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Our Team

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Celia Wales

Owner and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Kent Onufreichuk

Equipment Manager

Len Bauer

Founder and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

Damian Akhurst

Divemaster and DSD Leader

Our Services

At Shantara Dive Services, we’re happy to assist you with you’re diving needs!

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    Scuba diving instruction

    Shantara Dive Services is a PADI Certified Instruction Centre with professional instructors and divemasters on staff. Learn more about Our Courses and contact us about upcoming classes.

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    Quality dive, snorkel, and free-diving equipment

    We carry a wide selection of quality scuba diving, snorkeling, and free-diving equipment for sale and for rent. Contact us or stop by the shop to check out what we have and what we can order for you!

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    Tank Rentals

    We have Air and Enriched Air Nitrox tanks readily available for your dive needs. Our tanks are regularly tested and blended within our blending facility.

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    Dive equipment services

    Keep your dive gear running at peak performance by having it serviced often. From tank inspections and cleanings, to regulator rebuilds, Shantara has a well trained and experienced technician available to keep your gear in safe working order.

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    Scuba diving events & travel

    Looking to meet new dive buddies or to learn about top dive locations around the world? Well, join us on one of our local group trips or let us help you plan your next international dive trip through PADI Travel.

Our Courses

Start your underwater adventure at home in northern Alberta. PADI certified scuba training with convenient schedules, up to date dive gear at a modern pool facility for year round confined water training.

Does your kid love the water? Got a break between soccer or hockey season and their next activity? Keep your kids active by signing them up to become scuba diving certified!

Scuba diving is a great recreational sport that builds skills and memories to last a lifetime. We offer many youth programs to get your kids started.

Are you a parent and not certified?  Why not join in on the fun for a great family bonding experience.

(Note: Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

  • Bubblemaker
    Shantara’s Bubblemaker Scuba Program provides kids a chance to be introduced to an underwater adventure in just a few short hours in the pool. Kids at least 8 years old can use scuba gear to breathe underwater and swim around in shallow water. This is the first step to introduce your little ones to diving and to spark their interest to do more scuba programs. Need a spring break or birthday party activity for the kids? Contact us to learn about the many ways we can offer this program! (Note: scuba certification is not applicable with this program)

  • SEAL Team
    Shantara’s SEAL Team programs is for young adventurers ready to explore the underwater world! Kids, 8 to 10 years old, will complete exciting aqua missions (wreck diving, navication, buoyancy, environmental awareness, and much more) with their instructor. Need a spring break or summer camp for your kids? We can offer this program as a 5-day camp or a mini camp (3 days). Contact us to learn more. (Note: scuba certification is not applicable with this program)
  • Kids Open Water
    Shantara’s Open Water Diver Course is designed for children 10 years and older to achieve their scuba diving certification. In just a few short classroom sessions, pool dives, and open water dives, your child will be on their way to their new favourite adventure. Need a summer camp for your kids? We can offer this program as a 5-day camp. Contact us to learn more.

  • Snorkeling
    Snorkeling is a great way to introduce kids of all ages to the underwater world! Kids can learn how to snorkel in the pool and then join us one of our trips to lakes in Alberta. This is also a great way to learn snorkel skills before your next sun destination trip. Contact us to learn more.

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Discover Scuba Diving is a great way to experience the sensation of breathing underwater and learn the fundamentals of scuba diving without "taking the plunge" into a full certification course.

Students learn basic safety procedures and skills prior to making a shallow open water dive under the direct supervision of a professional.

To participate, students must be at least 10 years old, be comfortable in the water and able to swim, and in reasonable physical health.

Although not a certification course, at the end of the experience, students will receive a recognition certificate.

Discover Scuba eLearning:

Free Sign in two weeks in advance of pool training - Sign up

Price: $154  Buy now
*Prices subject to change

The Open Water Diver course is an entry level certification course of the fundamental knowledge and skills required to safely experience the fascinating underwater world.

This course includes knowledge development (online or in a classroom), 5 confined water dives in a pool or shallow water to learn basic scuba skills and, 4 open water dives.

Participants must be at least 10 years old, possess adequate swimming skills and be comfortable in deep water,  in good physical health.

We will supply you with a BCD, wetsuit, regulator, air tanks, and weights. All divers require  their own set of personal gear (fins, mask, and snorkel). We have special offers on personal gear for students.

After successful completion, students will earn an Open Water Diver certification that is recognized worldwide.

(Note: Referrals available if you’d like to complete the 4 open water dives on your next holiday during winter months)

Overview of Phases & Pricing                                     

1. Knowledge Development Online E-Learner course - $244    Buy Now
(Crew Pack sold separately. Includes dive logbook, slate, and student record file).

2. Skill Development: Pool Training   $398   Confirm pool training dates on our Calendar and contact us to secure your spot.    Buy Now/Contact Us

3. Open Water (Lake/Ocean) Training Dives                                             Contact Us
Option 1:
May - Sept at Jasper, AB OR One Island Lake, BC                                       

Option 2:
Receive a free referral form to take on your next holiday

*All pricing subject to change
*Pricing does not include tax

Dive Forms:
All dive forms must be completed, signed, and returned at least 1 week prior to all water training.




This course is designed for certified divers who have not been diving in a while and would like to refresh their diving knowledge and skills in a safe and comfortable environment under the guidance of a qualified professional.

Students will review important scuba basics such as safety concepts and emergency procedures, dive planning essentials and problem management, equipment assembly and maintenance, hand signals, proper ascents and descents, and buoyancy control.

The Scuba Refresher course is quick and easy way to get back into the water or prepare for a diving adventure on vacation.

Reactivate eLearning -    Buy Now

Price: $238.50
*Includes pool time, and gear rental.

**All pricing subject to change
*** Pricing does not include tax

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The Advanced Open Water course is designed to advance skills while gaining experience, confidence, and knowledge in various environments and activities under professional supervision.

Students will enjoy five specialty dives including Deep Diver, Navigation, and three additional adventure dives of your choosing! Available adventures listed below.

Advanced Open Water certification expands diving opportunities and depth limits to 100′/30m. Students 12 to 14 years old can earn Advanced Open Water certification, with a maximum depth limit of 70′/21m.

Overview of Phases & Pricing:

1. Knowledge development:  Online E-Learner course - Buy Now

    (E-learner Crew Pack mandatory and sold separately. Includes dive slate, dsmb, and whistle -   Ask for pricing   Contact Us

2. Open Water (Lake/Ocean) Training Dives 
   Contact Us
 May - Sept at Jasper, AB OR One Island Lake

 Choices of your 3 optional adventure dives to go with your 2 mandatory Selections (Deep Dive & Navigation)                                                                                 

All students can choose 3 adventure dives from the list of PADI Specialties that                  Contact Us
Shantara Dive Services offers. Our PADI Dive Instructor will be able to guide you in
your selections.

  • Digital Underwater Photographer
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider
  • Night Diver
  • Search & Recovery
  • Boat Diver
  • Altitude Diver
  • Dry Suit Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Sidemount Diver
  • Enriched Air Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

*All pricing subject to change
**Pricing does not include tax
***Adventure dives may be subject to additional costs, gear requirements, and pool time. 

Dive Forms:
All dive forms must be completed, signed, and returned at least 1 week prior to all water training.

Dive Forms 

Specialty Diver courses help improve existing diving skills and teach new techniques to enhance diving exploration. Courses expand diver training in areas of interest such as Wreck Diver, Dry Suit Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Enriched Air Diver, Drift Diver, Propulsion Vehicle Diver, Equipment Specialist, and many more.

The Deep Diver specialty course expands diving opportunities to recreational limits of 130′/40m therefore, divers must be at least 15 years old to participate.

Whatever your experience or interest, there is a specialty course for you and, taking specific specialty courses will allow divers to earn higher levels of certifications.

Price: Dependent on specialty selected. Contact us to learn more.

PADI Speciality Courses Available with Shantara Dive Services

The Rescue Diver course is designed to develop the knowledge and necessary skills to effectively perform rescues and administer necessary first aid.

This course teaches a variety of techniques to deal with dive emergencies including, self rescue, recognizing and managing stress in other divers, emergency management and equipment, and rescuing panicked and unresponsive divers.

Students must be at least 12 years old, Advanced Open Water certified and possess a valid Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another agency or organization) certification within the past 24 months (this training may be completed during the Rescue Diver course).

Overview of Phases & Pricing:

1. Knowledge development
    Option 1: 
Traditional In-class + Hard-copy Crew Pack - $306                                                      Contact Us

    Option 2: Online E-Learner course - $232                                                                              
     (E-learner Crew Pack mandatory and sold separately. Includes surface marker buoy, pocket mask, slate, and emblem - $92)    Buy Now    

2. Confined Rescue Diver Training

Pool & Classroom Sessions - $150                                         Contact Us
    One 3-hour pool session
    One 3-5 hour classroom session

3. Open Water Rescue Diver Training Dives - $265.50            Contact Us
Total of 4 scenario dives over two full-days in open water.

*All pricing subject to change
**Pricing does not include tax
***Open water dives are subject to additional costs, such as cold water equipment rentals (i.e. wetsuits, dry suits, etc.)
****Dry suit rental requires proof of Dry Suit Certification.

Dive Forms:

All dive forms must be completed, signed, and returned at least 1 week prior to all water training.

          Dive Forms

The Master Diver course is a continuing education certification course designed to increase understanding and enjoyment of diving while earning the highest non-professional rating available.

This course is an excellent progression toward leadership certifications with emphasis on student participation and practical open water applications.

Students must be a minimum of 12 years old and Advanced Open Water certified to participate, and a minimum of eight open water dives including emergency procedures and rescue, deep/simulated decompression diving, limited visibility/night diving, underwater navigation, and search and recovery is required for certification.


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Divemaster is the first level of leadership certification providing the combined knowledge, skills and experience to work as a professional in the dive industry.

The preferred minimum certification level for this course is Master Scuba Diver and Rescue Diver or their equivalent.

Students must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care (or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another agency or organization) certification within the past 24 months, a signed medical statement within the last 12 months.

Documentation of diving experience with a minimum of 40 logged open water dives is required to begin the course and 60 for certification.

Price:                                 Buy Now

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